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Nowadays, there are several niches for this type of coach work, from relationship coaches, career coaches, weight loss coaches, and also those who offer a specific job for the challenges of the business world, the so-called business coaches.

The business coach is a trained professional who helps entrepreneurs and entrepreneurs to advance towards the success of their projects. The main objective is to create strategies and put in place efficient business plans focused on the development of the enterprise. With an increasingly competitive job market, companies are realizing the importance and need to invest in their skills and the capacity of their employees and that is where coaches enter.

The coach is the one who will help in the development of entrepreneurial skills, strategic ability, leadership and time management. The coaching method is aimed at enabling entrepreneurs, managers and employees to achieve goals through business development strategies

The coach aims almost to help to improve professional performance, it will enhance the positive points, eliminate the negative points and maximize the results of the company. To guarantee the achievement of extraordinary results, it is essential that, within the strategic planning that is prepared by the coach, that the goals and objectives to be achieved are properly structured, otherwise, the professionals who are part of the business will continue to work in a disorderly manner. , that is, without knowing the reasons why they are carrying out the activities.

All companies have to deal with problems that can create obstacles to development and innovation. Just as they can also have difficulties when new ideas arise in adapting and aligning the availability of the team and the enterprise in order to receive good results. In these cases, you can also count on the coach’s guidance, who will identify the most diverse setbacks that may arise on a daily basis and a company, as the couch turns out to be an external vision that will point out the flaws and look for solutions to overcome the obstacles.

It is also common to have certain internal blockages that can compromise the company. Directors or presidents who believe that only they have the knowledge, skills and abilities necessary to exercise the position, making other co-workers end up feeling without skills and without the will to do better and develop skills. Thus, in a moment of growth of a person, the lack of confidence in the work can limit the expansion of the company. And it is also in these cases that the coach will help to recognize and eliminate internal blocks, by replacing negativity with beliefs that are empowering and that drive, move and move forward.

There are already several coaches around the world, below you can check some of the names from the most known worldwide to those who are gaining some recognition in Portugal.

Tony Robbins

Robson Nasc

Susana Torres

Ricardo Mendoza

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