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There is still no situation in which the world is causing Covid-19, but there are many companies, workers and schools that use programs to be able to videoconference for this more direct form of communication.

In today’s article, we will introduce two discussion programs most used in this pandemic, Zoom and Google Meet, and what are the advantages and advantages of both.

Let’s start with what has failed most and consequently or most used, or Zoom.

Zoom is one of the best programs for use in video conferencing, or Zoom allows multiple people to participate from a single location and device. Let us now say some advantages of using this program:

  •  Collaboration tools;
  •  Free account available;
  •  Works with all operating systems, including Linux;
  •  Hosts up to 500 people;

Now let’s say some disadvantages of Zoom:

  •  Extra call access costs;
  •  You need to disable plugins that block advertising;
  •  Some security flaws;
  •  Only allows email integration with Outlook

Let’s turn our attention now to Google Meet:
Not wanting to be left behind, with the enormous use of Zoom at this time, Google decided to make the Meet tool free, a videoconferencing app that was previously exclusive to a G Suite companies package, but is now available to all users free, requiring only a Google account to use the application.

Google Meet allows unlimited or free video conferencing for everyone in meetings up to 60 minutes. This program compared to Zoom is quite basic, but it has all the collaboration tools needed to hold productive meetings.

What are the advantages of using Google Meet?

  •  Screen sharing;
  •  Possibility of sending files by chat;
  •  No additional fee per participant in the video conference;
  •  Additional tools if you subscribe to G Suite;
  •  Allows email integration with Gmail and Outlook;

And disadvantages?

  •  Control panel more confusing than Zoom;
  •  Hosts fewer participants (Max: 250 participants);
  •  It may not work very well for Mac users;

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