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Por que fazer menos Teletrabalho e mais Anywhere Office

The Covid-19 pandemic has changed a lot in people’s lives. One of the most impacting issues was the need to work from home. Now, as the health crisis gradually stabilizes, the tendency is to do less teleworking on a daily basis.

However, it does not mean that workers will return entirely to the traditional offices of companies. The pandemic served to accelerate a culture that was already on the rise worldwide: the Anywhere Office model.

Anywhere Office can be classified as a modality that allows work to be carried out in any location. Company employees can work in their homes, in a beach house, in their mother’s house, in a neighborhood cafe, but where this concept has been used the most is in coworking spaces, but in short people can work anywhere they want.

In a way, physical barriers and geographical boundaries cease to exist in this concept. But why should we choose this concept? In today’s article we will give you some reasons why this concept can be a good alternative.

Doing less telecommuting and more Anywhere Office should become increasingly common in companies, changing the future of work. Let’s see the reasons why they are choosing anywhere office:

Possibility to perform different types of journey:
Working remotely does not mean having a radical break in office routines. In the Anywhere Office culture, occupying the company’s headquarters may continue to be part of reality, but this space will no longer be the only space destined for the performance of professional activities, which also reduces costs.

It is possible to adopt different types of working hours. Some of the main ones are:

  • Hybrid journey : The employee can work one or two days a week remotely and the rest at the company’s headquarters;
  • Modular journey: The employee can work for a few months outside the company’s headquarters, which allows trips and stays in other cities, for example;
  • Disruptive journey : In this case, the worker carries out his activities entirely outside the office.

Distance work is beneficial for everyone and this has been proven during the pandemic for many companies. To give you an idea, according to the statistics, 94% of the companies stated that they reached or exceeded their expectations in relation to the Home Office.

Another study, done by IBM, reveals that 52% of professionals wish to continue working remotely after the pandemic.

Increased contact with nature:
According to Bossa Nova Sotheby’s, the demand for homes in the countryside has grown further. This information shows that people can put aside the rush routine of large urban centers and try to spend more time in places where there is more contact with nature.

Spending a season working on the beach or in a small town is now a reality. Just rent an apartment on Airbnb, for example, and enjoy your free time in places where nature is much more present.

Adoption of a healthier diet
A study reveals that 44.6% of people are consuming more healthy foods after starting work remotely.

The busy routine often means that workers do not have time to prepare food and, therefore, end up eating anything on the street, such as highly processed foods and full of preservatives.

When practicing Anywhere Office, people have more time to buy and prepare healthy foods, such as organic vegetables and fruits. It is even possible to grow a small vegetable garden at home, to plant some types of vegetables and have them available for use in cooking recipes.

Technology keeps developing
Zoom, Slack, Google Drive, Trello… The number of collaborative tools for communication and data storage in the cloud keeps growing. Therefore, the trend is that working in Anywhere Office is becoming more efficient and easier.

Nowadays, it is possible to work remotely very easily, just having a portable pc and a good internet connection. This means that the company’s headquarters and the employee’s home are no longer the only possible spaces for carrying out professional activities.

However, it is necessary to keep an eye on the productivity of workers.

They need to have a healthy routine, linking work with other activities, such as leisure. If they don’t have proper control, people can end up working too hard and develop illnesses, such as stress and depression.

Ready to do less telecommuting and more Anywhere Office? A good idea is to opt for the HUB Ativo coworking services, so you can experience the future of work in practice.

For more information contact us at our contact page or come and visit HUB Ativo and our cowork space in Portimão.

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