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Porque pode um espaço Cowork ser uma alternativa ao Teletrabalho em Casa

With the almost requirement to work at home, many people saw that it was not so easy to work at home, the internet was not the best, the children making noise, the neighbors decided to do works. These form some of the disadvantages that people have encountered when working from home. But did you know that a Cowork space can be a good alternative to work without having to have the problems described above?

In today’s article we will explain why cowork can be a good alternative for working space.

To begin, let’s explain the concept of cowork, Cowork has as its definition the sharing of spaces and resources focused on work. The activities are carried out by professionals and not necessarily from the same company or activity.

The coworks spaces are already prepared to receive people who need a space to work, with tables, Internet access and the possibility to meet other people from perhaps different areas of work than yours with whom you can share new ideas or even contacts.

Working in a cowork space, the expenses you have will be low, so you won’t have water, electricity or internet expenses at home either, when using a cowork space these expenses will not be a problem for you.

Although the concept of cowork is associated with sharing space with other professionals, this does not mean that there will be a lot of noise to disturb. If you want something more private you can also choose a private office or meeting room where you can be more comfortable for meetings, interviews, presentations etc that are more personal or need a quieter environment.

Being in a cowork space you will be in an environment that is quiet but also innovative, you can also have access to hot drinks machines, a place where you can have lunch. This way you can take your breaks without having to leave the space or stop your work for a long time.

It has been proven that getting out of the routine of working at home and starting to use a cowork space to work increases your productivity and happiness. After all, the same routine as always at home ends up getting tired, so give that freedom to your body and mind and try using a cowork space to work.

A cowork space also provides meeting rooms, let’s imagine that you need to receive some people for a business meeting, to receive people at home or in a place with a professional atmosphere, it doesn’t seem like a good option, right? So one more advantage to use a cowork space and use this service to have a professional space to have your meetings and with all the material you need.

Finally, we have already said that renting a cowork space is low, but to make it even easier, you can choose to choose how you want to use the space, whether on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. So you have a greater variety of choice and you can choose the one that makes the most sense for the time you need.

At HUB Ativo we have a cowork space preparing to welcome you to work in the best conditions. Get in touch through our contact page or come and visit the HUB Ativo in Portimão.

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