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Porque não está a ter vendas na sua loja online

If your business is to sell products, it is essential, these days, that you also have an online presence with an online store. But people often choose to create their own websites themselves instead of opting for professionals in this area. This does not imply that it may be doing harm, but a professional who already has experience will take care to ensure that your site has a good online presence and can have sales.

In today’s article we’ll let you know 4 reasons why your online store might not be selling

One of the most important factors nowadays is to have a website, be it an institutional site or an online store, that is created to adapt to all screens where it is viewed, especially mobile phones. Because more and more people browse and BUY through mobile phones. So, if your site is not responsive (it doesn’t adapt to the screens) it is very likely that you are lagging behind your competition, which already has adapted websites. So, if you don’t have an adapted site yet, it’s urgent to change that if you want to start having sales.

Another important reason that could lead to you not having sales is the lack of or a poorly prepared site when it comes to SEO. Products with titles on what they are for example: “LED Office Lamp” instead of numbers or just lamp, are something important to pay attention to, remember that people will find your product more easily on the internet if they search put words of a product that you have in the same product, taking the example above, if the person searches for office lamp, or LED lamp, they can go to your online store. So, put titles on your products, descriptions. Texts about companies and the type of products they sell.

Little information or lack of prices could be another reason that the lack of online sales is at stake. Although nowadays many people who sell products avoid saying prices and ask interested customers to send message to know the price, this technique can often lead to people losing interest. Therefore, we recommend that you put the price of the products, or if you prefer to put the “from”. It is also important in the descriptions of each product to have the details of it, the more detailed the better, as well as inserting photographs of the product as well. With all the information present in the online store, the customer will no longer feel comfortable buying and without the need to “waste time” asking questions about the product. But apart from the details of the products, it is also important that you talk about your business and your way of selling, people like to know what they can count on, do you have free shipping, fast delivery within 2 days, warranty on the products? Enter this information on the website! It will also add more credibility and value to your online store.

And speaking of shipping costs… It’s not wrong to want your customers to pay shipping costs, but always pay attention to the amount you will charge for postage, very high postage may lead potential customers to give up the purchase and choose for looking for the same product in another store where you don’t have to pay postage or the postage is cheaper. And of course, also study the competition so as not to make much higher prices for the same product. You can also choose, for example, to offer postage on orders with a value greater than €50 or €100.

Don’t know how to make these changes or do you want to start having a presence and start selling online but don’t know how to create your online store? No problem! At HUB Ativo our web design team will help create an online store to start selling your products online or if you already have an online store we can improve and put into practice all the aspects mentioned above.

For more information, contact us through our contact page or visit the HUB Ativo in Portimão.

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