Have you heard of the term “Responsive” or “Responsive”? But you’re not sure what it means and how important it can be to your website? In this article we will clear all these doubts and let you understand why it is so important and almost mandatory for your website to be responsive today. Let’s go to this!

Are you reading this article on a computer, tablet or mobile phone? This is not a random question. This is being done because the way you surf the Internet is becoming more and more diverse, and any of the above is possible! And so, in a way you can already see the importance of having a responsive website, surely you have already entered a website, for example by your mobile phone, where the navigation and reading of the website was different and more difficult than the view on a computer. Very small text, need to zoom in to read or press a button somewhere in the website, the page doesn’t “fit” all the way inside your phone’s display and you have to be dragging the page sideways to see it? Has it ever happened to you? So that means this is NOT a responsive website!

A responsive website is designed to fit any screen / resolution without distortion. A responsive website will identify how wide your device is accessing your website, mobile phone, tablet, laptop, computer and can determine how much space is available and how your website will be shown and fully utilized in that website. space available and will also help the dimensions of the images, text and other elements that your website may have, so that they do not get disproportionate. Making website access easy to read and navigate.

Now let’s think, nowadays the increasing use of mobile phone to surf the internet is growing more and more day by day. People use their mobile phones to shop, to search for something, to look for services, to rate restaurants, shops, places, businesses and more. So, in addition to the importance of having a business in the internet world today (owning a website), you also need to keep in mind the importance of having your business website adaptable to any device your customer might come across. use to navigate your website.

But there are more reasons why your website should be responsive, here are some reasons:

  • Google is giving search relevance to websites that are responsive;
  • Having a responsive website gives a more positive experience to those browsing it, so you will not lose customers to the competition;
  • Increased sales if your site is an online store;
  • Ready for the devices of the future, ie how a responsive website will fit any screen this makes your website ready for any device whether it is already for sale or not;
  • Possibility to win new customers;

These are just some of the reasons, as there are many more to why you should have your website responsive.

If you are interested in having a website that is responsive, or if you already have a website but are not responsive, Active Hub has the help you are looking for, our web design team is here to help you build and make your website. responsive and totally to your liking, take your business into the future, we are here to help you grow and adapt to trends. Contact us through our contact page, or come visit us in Portimão and get to know our spaces and services and get your questions straight in person.

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