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Dicas para o seu site aparecer nas pesquisas do Google

If you have a website you should have already checked if it appears in Google searches. Or even looked for it and it appears but not in a very visible position. Have you seen other competitor sites and thought “How does their site appear better positioned on Google than mine? What did they do? ”.

Well, in today’s article we are going to give you some tips for your website to appear in Google searches. Let’s do this!

Most people when looking for something, be it a service, locations or even products, tend to do it on Google. That is why the presence of your business online and appearing in Google searches can be a great growth aid for your company.

Surveys say that 75% of people are only on the first page of Google results, few are those that move to the 2nd page and so on.

So what can you do to make your site appear on Google searches?
Well, the essential thing for this to happen is to have a good SEO on the site? What is SEO? These are keywords that will be spread throughout the contents of your website.

These keywords that will be on your site, will be words that your target audience tends to look for. Of course, in order not to mislead your potential customers, these keywords should really be something that your business / company sells. For example, if your company sells construction services, it won’t make sense to have keywords like women’s dresses, for example.

But where are these keywords going to be? As stated above, they can be spread across your site, for example, if your site has an article blog zone, you can place these keywords in the article texts. On the website you can talk about the services you sell, also choosing to use keywords. It is important that your site has texts and do not choose a site with only images and no text.

There are two types of keywords that you can use, these are short and long. While it’s easy to see the difference, let’s explain these two types of keywords:

Short – Just one word: For example, in a service you can only choose to put the text with the service which is “Clothes”;

Long – A short sentence: Here you can now choose to make a short sentence that can match what your target audience usually looks for. For example: Online stores to buy women’s clothing.

As a rule, long keywords tend to work better than short keywords. This is because long keyword searches look for very specific information, while short keywords are more general.

Another important point is to have your site adaptable to any screen, as it is something that Google values ​​a lot, if your site is responsive is more likely to appear in searches.

When you do a search on Google you notice that the results are shown with a title, link and description. That said, it is essential that in order to promote your business on Google, that all your pages on your site have a brief description, a kind of summary that describes exactly what is on that page. This makes it easier for Google’s algorithm to identify and match the searcher to your site.

Another point that can be important is to have internal and external links, as these can favor and complement the user experience and are thus well regarded by Google. But be careful that you do not put links that do not take the user anywhere, that have errors or subjects that do not correspond. Another tip to prevent users from leaving your site when they click on the link, is to put that link to open in a new tab. This way your website will not be lost.

Indicating which internal pages are not so interesting to display in search results is also something that Google values ​​a lot. Pages that you think will not be worth showing in searches, such as the terms and conditions page, confidential information and more. They may be referred to Google as a page on which you do not want them to be crawled by Google so that they are not shown in searches.

You can also choose to pay to advertise your site, this way it will appear in searches depending on the keywords you enter. But this option will still cost some €.

And our last tip is to bet on the security of your site, this is an important aspect whether your target audience decides whether to buy something on your site but it is also an important factor for Google. Having a website with SSL certificate is essential, as it encrypts information entered by users on your website and offers more protection for browsing and data usage. Even Google already warns the user if a site is not secure, that is, if they do not have a security certificate installed.

In the Active HUB we can help improve the SEO of your website, helping you to be present in Google’s search results. For more information contact us at our contact page or if you prefer, visit the HUB Ativo in Portimão.

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