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A importância das Redes Sociais para as Empresas

Do you use social networks? And does your company already use it? More and more social networks are part of people’s lives, whether just to know what’s going on in the world or to share something with people. Studies indicate that the Portuguese spend, on average, 88 minutes a day on social networks such as Facebook, Instagram or Twitter, with the majority doing so after work or school hours.

The increasing popularity of social networks, mainly Instagram and Facebook, makes the interaction between people and companies / brands more and more frequent. So if your company has a presence on social media it means that it will be closer to its target audience and consequently more people will know your business and the faster it will grow.

But how can you gain more presence on social networks? Let’s give you some tips.

Create a good strategy to be seen and create relevant content for your social networks. Be it videos, texts, images or even GIFs (animated images). But don’t go out and create any kind of content! It is important to create content that has to do with your company, for example if your company is selling real estate, bet on creating content related to real estate, that you have for sale, or advantages of buying at your real estate company… Show that your company dominates the subject of its area. Also important, create content with a call to action, that is, content that invites the visitor to comment or share the publication.

Create bonds with your audience, social networks have been facilitating more interaction between companies and customers. Create and publish content that you think will somehow “touch” your audience, show them the “problem” and show that your company has the “solution”. Communicate with your audience, respond to comments / messages whether they give feedback or questions. Humanize your social networks and create closeness to your customers, show that you are there for them.

Can’t reach many people? Nowadays social networks already allow you to advertise (pay), so that your publications reach more of your target audience. Advertising costs are not very expensive, making it possible to invest a few euros a day.

In social networks it also turns out to be easier to know which audience that visits your networks the most, you can know if the majority are men or women, their ages, the country / locality that most people access their pages and still know which is the best time and day of the week with which you should bet on publishing content.

Although social networks are very important, you should not exclude or put aside attention in having a website also associated with your company, it is important to have a website and social networks to make your company more reliable and easier to inform or sell your services. So what we recommend is to always bet on both things, social networks and website.

If with social networks it is easy to create and manage, but creating a website is not so easy, you can count on the help of HUB Ativo, our web design department will be at your disposal to help you create a website at your taste, adapted to all screens and with the functions you want. You can learn more by sending a message through our contact page or if you prefer, come and visit our space. HUB Ativo is located in Portimão, Algarve.

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