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Motivos para Alugar um Escritório Por Hora
When the time comes to find a place to work or to serve your clients, the question arises as to which will be the best option. In this article we will give you some reasons to choose to use offices that you can rent for hours.

Although it is not a very new modality, still few people are aware of it. This modality arose from the concept of shared economy, which is increasingly present today. For example, Uber, where you benefit from a feature you don’t need to buy, simply pays for the time you use.

But now we are going to give you reasons why you should use offices per package of hours.

To start, you don’t need to worry about maintaining the office, that is, this service already has cleaning, so there is no need to spend time on daily space maintenance activities. But that’s not all, issues like a clogged bathroom, buying furniture and materials, electricity, water and Internet payments and all the things that require a lot of patience and time are something you won’t have to worry about, you just need to worry in scheduling the office to work or serve your client.

Unlike when you buy an office with a real estate agent, you can start your work on the same day that you visit the place, or schedule by mobile phone or email and you do not need any guarantor or insurance to rent the office.

Finally, the costs are fixed, they do not vary regardless of the number of customers you will serve. For many professionals, the great difficulty is to bear the costs that they buy an office, either due to variations in the number of clients or because they are at the beginning of their careers. When renting an office the amount you will pay will always be the same depending on the number of hours you will be using the office.

Now that you know a little about renting offices, it’s time to decide on the ideal place to serve your customers. At HUB Ativo we have fully equipped offices, with Internet access, which can be rented per hour package or if you prefer on a monthly basis. For more information contact us on our contact page or come and see our offices and our services, we are located in Portimão.

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