Portefólio Samayur

Samayur is a site that aims to inform and make people know about Ayurveda, with the possibility of making appointments.

On Samayur’s website,Hub Ativo web design team aimed to create a website that was simple but attractive, responsive and suitable for any screen. On the site, we took into account what our client wanted, a simple design without very strong colors that described well what Ayurveda is all about, so we created several attractive pages that explained in more detail about Ayurveda, Purifications and treatments. . Also on request, we placed a form that would allow patients to make their appointment to their preferred location.

If, just like Samayur, you also want to have a website or online store, at Hub Ativo we have our Web Design team available to create a customized, responsive website with keywords to improve the SEO of your site and a lot more. Contact us or come visit us in Portimão.

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