Sagres Bicycle And Company

Portefólio Sagres Bicycle And Company

Sagres, Bicylcle and Company is a site that aims to inform sports related services and rentals such as surfing, biking and activities.

On the Sagres Bicycle and Company website, Hub Ativo’s web design team aimed to create a website that was appealing and demonstrated the sportsmanship of our client, which was a responsive and suitable site for any screen. On the site, we took into account what our client wanted, a simple, informative design to inform of their services, so we created several attractive pages that explained in more detail about the service and rental related to surfing, biking and surfing. Sagres Attractions. To make the site more dynamic, we put a slide, various images regarding activities, transitions animations, the use of videos in containers and animations in images.

If just like Sagres Bicycle And Company you also want to have a website or online store, at Hub Ativo we have our Web Design team available to create a responsive, tailored website with keywords to improve your SEO. your site and more. Contact us or come visit us in Portimão.

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