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Rua Joaquim Agostinho Fernandes, Portimão
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BNI Abundância
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BNI (Business Network International) is an international business reference organization.

On the BNI Abundância website, the HUB Ativo web design team aimed to create an attractive, modern, dynamic website that was responsive and suitable for any screen. On the website, we take into account the colors associated with the brand, make known about BNI, its current members and also the possibility of sending applications for companies to join BNI.

Our web design team also put on the BNi Abundância website the option of having the company’s Instagram feed.

If, like BNi Abundância, you also intend to have a website or online store, at HUB Ativo we have our Web Design team available to create a website customized to your taste, responsive, with keywords to improve your website’s SEO a lot more. Get in touch with us or come and visit us in Portimão.

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