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Regras de Segurança Online para a sua Empresa
Having your website online requires more than creating it. It is necessary to have a full involvement in the creation of the website and after the creation of the website. Nowadays everything revolves around the digital universe and, thus, the interest to access it illegally is also immense and there are several individuals who dedicate their lives to try to overcome the digital security barriers of companies. Thus, it is important that your website is as prepared as possible to deal with these accesses. But how can your website be prepared and secure?

Keep your site up to date
Having my website as up-to-date as possible is one of the safety rules that you should always keep in mind. Always try to have the latest versions of the software / plugins, this way the security barriers will always be more protected against the attacks that may occur.

Control access to your site
If there are a lot of people managing your site, there needs to be some control and a limitation of access to the areas of the site. In other words, limit the person to the work area only. For example, a person responsible for creating articles for a blog, does not need full access to your website. All people who manage your website do not need to have access to all areas of your website, if there is an attack on a specific person, if that person has limited access on the website then the damage will be less than if it were an attack on a person who has access to the entire site.

Upload files in comments
Many sites have the option of letting their customers comment on blogs / products and even the ability to attach files to the comment.
It is necessary to pay close attention to the possibility of letting your customers attach files to comments. Because a hacker will be able to insert viruses or malware that will be accessible to download both for other customers and for the people who work with you.

Use Security Certificate (SSL)
When using a security certificate on your website, personal data and credit card information and other data will be kept protected. Even more we inform that Google is increasingly giving relevance to sites that have security certificates.

Backups regularly
Backups are a very important strategy for any company. Making an updated backup of your website allows you to restore the latest version of it in case of an attack minimizing the losses of your website.

Avoid the use of automatic filling in forms
Despite being a facility for users it also turns out to be a facility for an attacker, since all information is stored in the system. If there is no such data storage, then there is no possibility of data theft.

At HUB Ativo we always pay attention that our clients’ sites are always as safe and up-to-date as possible to ensure that there are no attacks on the sites. If you are looking for someone to create your website and make sure you have a website completely to your liking and still safe, look no further. The HUB Ativo web design department is here to help. Get in touch with us through our contact page or if you prefer to come and visit our space, HUB Ativo is located in Portimão.

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