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Erros que pode estar a cometer no seu Site
We are increasingly entering a digital world and we increasingly know the importance for business to be present on the internet, whether it is a small or large business, the presence on the internet ends up giving more visibility, credibility and even a way for more people to arrive your enterprise. Whether it is an institutional website just to present your services or an online store for sale it is important for your business to be online!

But many companies end up in the error that just creating a website/online store without paying attention to several details. Details that can be the bridge for your website to be successful and to have a better prominence than your competition.

In today’s article we will make known errors that you may be making with your website and consequently your website is losing visibility on the internet, let’s do this!

Not having a responsive website
As already mentioned in other articles, having a responsive website is more than mandatory today. Most people today do research and access the internet via mobile phones. This way, if your website is not responsive it will not adapt properly to the screen of a mobile phone, this way it will not be easy to navigate your website when being accessed by the mobile phone, people will have to walk sideways on the screen to see certain parts of the page, zoom in to read what is written correctly. But if these reasons are not strong enough for you, know that Google gives preference in searches to sites that are responsive, so if your site is not responsive, most likely it will not appear in the first results of searches and is losing visibility to your competition that has the site optimized to adapt to any screen.

Not having an SSL certificate
Once again we start by talking about the importance that Google gives to SSL certificates, again it is something that Google will pay attention to on the websites and will be one more point in favor to appear in the search results. But in addition to this, your website having a security certificate (SSL) also contributes to the security of your customers and in this way your customers will feel more secure and confident when browsing your website and providing certain data, knowing that these will be safe.

Have a slow website
Studies show that people’s attention span has been decreasing and with their attention span decreasing so it is crucial to have a website that loads fast. According to Google, a site should take less than 3 seconds to load completely and the speed of loading is something that many companies do not pay attention to when creating the site, so the slower your site is to load pages, the greater the likelihood of visitors leaving your site.

Time inflexibility to make changes, publications and maintenance
Even after your website is created and even with the above points working, your website cannot be stopped and forgotten. Just like in business, your website must also be in constant evolution. Whether with the publication of articles with themes that are within your business area and that captivate people to visit your website and read, or make design changes for new trends, in the case of online stores inserting new products for sale. But also a very important factor for your site is maintaining it, making sure you have the updated SSL certificate, updating plugins and themes in some cases, checking if the site remains responsive and functional. Often, by not doing maintenance on a website you can cause your site to start giving some errors over time or even to become unconfigured.

Delay or not answering customer questions / orders
To highlight the above point about having attention to your site after creating it, this is another fundamental point that you should pay attention to. If your website has contact forms, comments area, or in the case of online stores products for sale, then it is essential to keep your website present in order to guarantee quick contact with your customers, whether it is responding to orders , either to answer the questions / information sent by the forms. If the response time is long, the probability of your client not coming back or giving up is greater.

Not using keywords
We have already talked about previous SEO articles, so the use of keywords on the site is a very useful tool to appear better positioned in search results. On all pages of your site, always choose to put keywords that your target audience can search for to find you. A good tip we give you is to use in a sentence keywords of a service followed by the location where your company is located, for example: web design in Portimão. This way Google will be able to identify these keywords in the sentence and show your site to someone looking for the service and the location.

If you want to create or renew your website so that you have a professional, responsive, secure and fully customized website to your liking, then HUB Ativo and our Web Design department are here to help you, whether creating a website root or renewing a site that you already have but that you don’t like. Contact us through our contact page or if you prefer, come and visit the HUB Ativo in Portimão and get to know our space and services.

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