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The Internet is increasingly becoming the main place where people are looking for goods, services and information anytime and anywhere. With so many people online today, businesses are having to have a solid presence to survive in this way.
For this it is necessary to maintain the relevance in the search, so it is necessary to constantly adapt to the changes that happen in the world of SEO.
Voice Search:
It is no longer news that more and more people use their smarthphones to surf the Internet, do research and shop. But increasingly these searches are done with the voice search system, Apple’s Siri, Samsung’s Bixby, Amazon’s Alexa or Microsoft’s Cortana are just some of the voice-assisted assistants that are already available in the market. It is therefore important to focus on optimizing your voice searches and the most important keywords of your business. As? Voice searches are usually longer than written searches, so your SEO should take into account the use of 7 to 9 terms that people might use when searching and not forgetting that searches usually contain a question.

Segment search by location:

Site searches are relevant to businesses that depend on attracting local customers. And geo-location marketing systems are one of the high trends of SEO. That is, a business company that is located in Portimão and wants to appear first in searches involving “business companies in Portimão” to improve how to ensure this is on the website indicating exactly where the business is and how it works. The added accuracy should mean even more targeted search results.

Long and Interesting Content:
Content remains the “king” of SEO trends, betting on articles / blogs and making use of the keywords and images in those same articles always turns out to be a great asset to get your site positioned on google searches. When writing a long article that is interesting, in addition to being able to fit more keywords and thus help in the search rankings, you can still bet on an article that is in the interest of your customers, either to talk about your product or even to educate your customers on a certain topic.

At Hub Ativo all our sites are designed to keep up with SEO trends so that your site ranks high in Google search rankings.

If you are thinking of having your business in the internet world or if you need to improve the SEO of your current site and need help, at Hub Ativo we are here to help you build your site or improve your current site. Come visit us in Portimão, Algarve and get to know our team of Web Designers and Marketing that will create / improve your site. Or contact us through our contact page.

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