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HubSpot, quais as vantagens de utilizar

The HubSpot tool is increasingly being used as an Inbound Marketing tool. In today’s article we will show you this tool and what are the advantages of using it.

Let’s start by explaining what HubSpot is. HubSpot is a leading tool in marketing automation, as stated above, it is used for the Inbound Marketing methodology. This tool provides several interaction, conversion and data analysis resources, which will allow you to obtain a complete traceability of each marketing action.

This tool was created in 2014 and since then it has followed a path of great evolution in order to give the best Marketing tools to its users.

There are several features, focused on different objectives, each with phases and marketing and sales. We have:

HubSpot Marketing – Allows you to control all the steps of any inbound marketing action, from the time a user visits a landing page until the business opportunity is created and becomes a customer. The Marketing Hub has several features, focused on the different objectives of each phase of the marketing and sales funnel.

HubSpot Sales – Dedicated to optimizing and organizing all commercial work and thus increasing the organization’s sales. In this way, the Sales team can focus on their big goal, without worrying about the time wasted registering each action.

HubSpot Service – Allows you to improve the post-purchase experience and facilitates customer relationship management. This will increase the customer satisfaction and loyalty rate and, consequently, the company’s revenue will also increase.

Still not satisfied? Let’s take advantage of using HubSpot!

embedded SEO:

The Hubspot platform is integrated with SEO tools. This means that you will be able to check the keywords of interest to your target audience, this way you can create indicated content and you will still have help when optimizing your blog posts – HubSpot shows, for example, how many keywords you have written in text and where they are located. In addition, the Hubspot platform makes your content automatically responsive, which will give you even more points with Google to raise your site in the search list!

Ease of sharing:

Did you just create a post with the right keywords? So know that they will also already be published with share buttons on the main social networks and will still be published on your company’s social networks automatically.
The social media tool also allows you to schedule shares and save drafts of what will be published.

Smart calls-to-action:

After creating relevant, optimized content that can be easily distributed via social networks, your blog’s hits will surely grow. But how do you turn those visitors interested in what you post into leads who may also like what you sell? This is where Landing Pages come in, which will help to obtain visitor data through specific forms to turn them into leads. How does this happen? Through a call-to-action that will invite the internet user to purchase rich material (like an e-book). The Hubspot platform will help to create these CTAs and even allow you to see which calls-to-action are most effective and vary the type of CTA on that person’s next visit to your blog.

Priority in contact with your customers:

With such effectiveness in nurturing leads, you will get more customers for your company, but it is not because you finally won them that you can now abandon them! And the Hubspot platform doesn’t let you down at the moment either: just as you can manage your lead base through the software, your customers will also be there with their due segmentation, but they will have priority over leads or visitors at different points for example :

– Your customers will be recognized by the platform and will not need to fill out forms to get material rich in Landing Pages (after all, you already have all the information you need about them);

– They will appear prominently on the dashboard so that you can respond to your emails and mentions on social networks more quickly;

– HubSpot will still notify you if any of your customers visit your “help” or “cancellation” page!

Performance indicators for absolutely everything:

Finally, the platform could not be excellent if it did not have options to constantly improve its work. Everything you create and do with HubSpot is monitored, from the traffic of each post to the open rate of emails you send to your leads and the level of conversion. With so many features, it is worth mentioning that the platform is actually quite intuitive, and the only drawback is the fact that it is in English. It is clear that the investment in Hubspot is greater than in other simpler or national platforms / tools, but if your company is looking for a long-term solution, this may be the best option.

Are you interested in using HubSpot? Register now here:

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