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Como Melhorar o Posicionamento do seu Website no Google

The difficulty of many businesses that already have websites is that even then they are not or are poorly positioned in the search results of search engines. Which can often lead to many potential customers not being able to discover your business as they choose to open the websites of competitors that are better positioned in the results.

In today’s article, we’re going to give you some tips that can improve your website’s positioning in search results. Shall we do this?

One of the first things you can do that can be a big help to “attach” your website to the results is to submit your pages to the Google index. By using Google Search Console to submit your URLs, you help Google’s web crawler do a more thorough and efficient job of crawling your site.

Do you have a physical space? Then add your business to Google My Business! Google My Business is another free Google tool that you can use that can help you establish a good position in search results. In addition to using Google My Business, it is necessary to associate a location with your business and in this way it could be an even greater advantage, since if a possible customer searches for your service in your locality, Googly My Business will help Google to be more relevant in showing your website.

Betting on keyword-rich SEO is also a great help for potential customers to reach your website more easily. Always try to have texts on your website and bet on these texts to insert the keywords. But how can you get to those keywords? Think like your customer, how would they do an internet search to get to your service? If, for example, your company is a flower shop and your store is located in Portimão, a possible customer will probably search the internet for “flower shop in Portimão”, or even if you deliver throughout the country, you can put it in the text “we deliver flowers all over the country”, in this way you are putting as a keyword what your customer is looking for from your service and also the location of the service you want. Keywords are the most important tip and the one that can make the most difference for your website to appear as a result in the searches of your target audience.

Having a fast loading and “mobile friendly” site is also something important to take into account, as these are factors that nowadays lead many sites to have high rejection rates, that is, the person can even enter the site, but ends up leaving quickly and look for another competitive site. Two of the major factors for the increase in the bounce rate are the slow loading of the site, how many times you entered a site that the information takes time to load and when it loads, the information you want is not on that page and you have to go to another page of the site. does it take a long time to load again? Surely you end up getting tired of so much delay and ended up leaving that site and looking for another one, right? And another reason is that the site is not “mobile friendly”, that is, it does not adapt to the screen of a mobile phone or other device smaller than the screen of a pc, more and more people are choosing to do their research and browse through websites from their mobile phones or tablets. When there is a need for a person to have to walk with the screen to the side because the text is cut off/coming out of the viewing screen, or has to zoom in to be able to see what is on the site, it means that this site is not ready to be viewed on devices with smaller screens, and this type of situation also leads many people to leave the site and go to see another site that is already ready/adapted to be viewed on devices other than the PC.

Having the content/information that your potential customer is looking for is also essential. People nowadays like to have as much information as possible about a service or product before buying, and they get a little upset at having to ask for information about something and often having to wait to get information about something they want. In this way, it is beneficial to have clarifying information about your services/products, locations, opening hours, etc. a button with a direct link to start a WhatsApp conversation.

It is worth remembering that the first result is not always the one that generates the most visits to a website, however, people tend to access the results that appear on the first pages and go to a maximum of the 2nd or 3rd page, most people, according to research, do not usually advance far into many pages of search results. That said, although I don’t know it’s mandatory for your site to be 1st in search results to get more results, it’s important that it appears in the first page results. so start apply the tips we talked about above to start getting more results and visits to your website and make your business grow.

Do you have any difficulty doing any of the tips we talk about? Don’t worry, our web design team can help not only create a website but we can make adjustments to your current website and help you improve in every aspect you may need. For more information go to contact with us or come visit HUB Ativo in Portimão, and learn about our web development services and others.

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