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Funções Que o Seu Website Deve Ter

Having a website often means paying attention to new features and new functions that may be implemented on the website in order to facilitate navigation on the website or even in order to retain users on the website with dynamic forms or have your website more secure. In today’s article, we’ll give you some ideas of functions you can have on your website in order to improve the user experience or even keep your website more protected and updated with the new standards.

Responsive Site:

For starters, and as said in several previous articles, it is extremely important that your site is responsive, what does this mean? That your site can be visited either by mobile phone, pc, tablet that will “adapt” to the screen where it is being viewed, so that content is not lost (cut content), nor that there is the need to zoom to if you read texts among others…

With the increasing number of people using mobile phones to access the Internet more and more, it is essential that your website has this function.

Search Bar:

This function is also becoming more and more important, because people don’t want to spend a lot of time looking for something on the websites. In the case of online stores, in which the vast majority have a lot of content, the search bar can save a lot of time for those visiting and looking for a specific product.

Legal notice pages:

To safeguard yourself and your customers, it is highly advisable to have legal notice pages on your website. Pages such as, Terms and Conditions, Privacy Policy and Cookie Policy, are some of the pages to be taken into account on your website.


This is an obvious function. After all, would you feel safe browsing a site where notices like “This site is not secure”  and knowing that some of your information might not be secure? A simple way to solve this is to ensure that your website has an SSL certificate, this function will make your website safe for those who visit it, creating a way to keep confidential information that is entered on your website encrypted. In addition, Google gives more relevance to sites that have SLL certificate to sites that don’t.


Some people don’t like to waste time looking for the page or information they need about a service or product. For this type of customer, functions like Live-Chats might be a good option. Because they will be able to get an answer in the moment to certain questions that look for the information. The artificial intelligence has made this feature much more viable for companies of all sizes, because you’ll be ready to answer answers right away, without the need for someone to write the answers.


Functions of this kind will prevent/prevent unwanted content from entering your site. Thus avoiding unsolicited messages in your comments section as well as in your mailbox (spam emails). Features like Google’s ReCaptcha can help prevent you from getting spammed in your emails and comments section. If you want people to contact you to consult information about your services and/or products, it is extremely necessary that you have your company contacts/contacts displayed on the website. For example, links saying “Call me if you have any questions” or “Send us an e-mail” may also be alternatives, in which clicking the person will be directed to the phone call or to send a logo an e-mail for you. You don’t want your potential clients to have the job of having to contact you right?

Contact Information:

It sounds simple, but the truth is that many companies sometimes fail these small functions. Having your/the company’s phone and email contact is essential for your customers to get in touch with you. “Call if you have any questions”, “Send us an email”, are some different text alternatives that you can use instead of having the number or email written down. By clicking on the text, the user is directed or to the inbox of the email, where he can already start writing an email to get in touch with you (since your email will already be added in the recipient field ), or if you prefer a phone call, when you click, the user will be directed to make the call already with your number for this. Another information that may be important is the address of your company’s headquarters. Having a map and written address, in addition to helping with research, whoever visits your site will soon know where it is located.

Contact Form:

On the other hand, if you prefer to keep your emails or telephone contacts more discreet, you can bet by placing contact forms on your website. In which the person fills in, sends and then you receive in your email all the content filled in the form, information such as name, telephone number, email, why you want to contact you, are some of the information that may ask.

But having a contact form does not prevent you from not having your contacts (phone and email) or vice versa exposed on the site. You can have both the form and the contacts.


What they say about our company/products may influence another customer’s purchase decision. According to studies, customer testimonials are more effective for content marketing. In other words, if the comments are positive, it is more likely that you will be able to gain new customers. Testimonials and comments can add credibility to customers and consumers.

Don’t forget about SEO:

Customers who know your company/business name can easily find your site, but what about people who don’t? Optimizing your site with relevant keywords that match the intent of what people are looking for is VITAL for them to find your site. Focusing on generic terms that people looking for the services you provide can find you, for example, at HUB Ativo we have the web development department but we are also a business center and we have a Cowork space, so an example that we can put in our texts and keywords is “cowork in portimão”. We have joined the service to a location, this way, people looking for this service in this area can increase their chances of finding our site.


A website that only has text ends up becoming tiresome, bet on placing images, videos or even slides. Do not fall into exaggeration, try to combine photos/videos and text in a balanced way, in order to have a pleasant navigation for those who visit your site. In the case of online stores, having photos of the products is essential, as it is giving the opportunity to show the product to those who are going to buy, photos from different angles, if you have them in different colors, also show photos of the product in another color. After all, a picture is worth a thousand words. You can also combine small animations in the images that are inserted on your website, as it gives a sense of movement, also making the website more dynamic, also avoiding the exaggeration of animations.

And finally…

Social Networks:
We have already talked about the importance of social networks for companies, whether they are starting or already have years of existence. So if your company/business has social networks, you should definitely include links to them on your website. Be it by icons, a page or a section on the contact page like these. Create direct links to your social networks so that website visitors can find you quickly and easily and in this way also support your business on social networks. Also take into account that having social networks can be a way to have more credibility as well as reaching more people.

At HUB Ativo, our team will create a website or online store with all the functions you need, guaranteeing all the features but also a modern design and adapted to all devices. For more information, contact us through our contact page or visit the HUB Ativo – Business Center & Web Design, in Portimão.

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