Escritório Privado ou Espaço Open-space? Qual o melhor?
Despite the title, we are not going to tell you that a private office is better than an open-space space or vice versa, rather we will give you the best reasons for both and depending on your profile you will see which one suits you best.
Let’s start with the advantages of a private office:
  • Low costs;
  • You can use the office as a virtual office;
  • Office already furnished;
  • Hours of use of the meeting room;
  • No cost of expenses (electricity, water, internet);
Now that we’ve seen some of the advantages of having a private office, let’s point the spotlight at open-space and talk about its advantages:
  • No expense costs (electricity, water, internet);
  • Creative environment;
  • Direct contact with other professionals and other branches;
  • More economical;
  • Productivity increase;
And these were the advantages of the office and open space to help you choose the one that best fits your profile. Choose your best alternative and towards success!
Want to have your own workspace, whether it’s a private or shared office? The Hub Ativo can help, we have offices to rent per day or hourly package, as well as an open space that you can use per day or hours. So contact us through our contact page or come visit our space in Portimão, Algarve and get to know our offices and our open-space that we have at your disposal.
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