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Vantagens de vender online

We have already mentioned in previous articles the advantage of having an online store.
Today we are going to reinforce the idea of ​​selling online and give you more advantages by which you should bet on selling products online and thus have your online store!

With the whole situation at Covid, many stores had to close their doors and lost sales opportunities. Also in this situation many people during the contingency time had to stay at home and many started to make more purchases online.
With this short text you are already seeing some advantages of selling online, right?

Now let’s take these two situations, from stores that had to close, and from people who started to buy online. If these stores that had to close their doors had an online store, even during the contingency time they could continue to sell their products, minimizing lost sales opportunities, the physical store might have to be closed, but in no way a store online is obliged to the same, this way, you can have your business always open and available to sell your products, your online store has no extra cost for operating at night, on weekends and on holidays, so it is a business that may be open every day of the year.

As people will be able to buy online, they won’t have to leave the house, so there is a greater convenience. Not having to catch traffic and queues, avoiding looking for a parking space and still receiving the product at home attracts more and more consumers for online shopping.

Nowadays people place a high value on the evaluations of other customers, the information immediately available about a product, to avoid wasting time asking for information about the product or about the business. With an online store you can have this advantage of presenting all the information of a product, be it the brand, product photos, size, weight, dimensions, price, freight, delivery time. In addition, you can still give your customers the opportunity to evaluate the products, leaving a testimonial about it, making other customers feel more reliable and safe to buy your products.

Even if your business is located in a specific area of ​​the country, with an online store you will have much more visibility and reach. A virtual store has the possibility to sell, at no extra cost, to the whole country and even abroad. The shipping costs can be paid by the customer and even if he decides to offer free shipping, the costs are less than those of maintaining a physical store or several branches spread over several cities.

And speaking of expenses, an online store can decrease several costs for a company. Online stores do not need multiple vendors, to display products in an attractive way on shelves, they do not require large expenditures on points of sale energy, electricity, water, cleaning, security. So just think about what you could be saving and gaining from an online store.

At HUB Ativo, our web design team can help you create your online store and quickly start selling your products to the whole world! For more information contact us at our contact page or if you prefer, come and visit the HUB Ativo in Portimão.

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