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Vantagens de um Website Em Outros Idiomas

You may have heard that who knows more than one language goes further, but does that also apply to websites?

Research shows that 72.1% of consumers spend most of their time on websites and blogs with content in their own language and more than half of consumers in that same survey said they would be willing to pay for something if their information is in their language.

That fact alone would be enough for you to understand the importance of having more than one language on your website. But in today’s article we are going to tell you some more of the advantages of having your website in other languages, let’s do it!

A larger customer base:
Despite being present in eight countries and small communities in the world, the truth is that the Portuguese language is not so used on the internet, so we recommend that this is not the only language on your website, since you should certainly want to reach the largest number possible customers. If you want to reach customers in France, for example, you should consider having your website available in the French language.

Conquer your customers on the website:
Let’s assume that your mother tongue is Portuguese and that you have learned English, Spanish or any other foreign language. You can even understand the language, even learn to read and write in that language. But to see a site in a language that although you understand provo visit sites in Portuguese. But if the site is also available in their native language, customers will feel at home when browsing your site. A customer is more likely to browse a website in their own language than in a foreign language.

Clarity in the message you want to convey:
By having the client’s mother tongue available on its website, it also avoids the confusion sometimes created by the use of Portuguese. Who is not so familiar with the particularities of Portuguese may misinterpret a phrase or expression on the website and end up misunderstanding a message. From a broader perspective, this misunderstanding is very damaging to business. Thus, it is a great idea to make your site available in other languages ​​so that these interpretation problems are avoided.

Advantage over your competition:
Look at your competitors’ websites. Is their website multi-language sites? If the answer is affirmative, then you should really go ahead with the idea of ​​having a website available in several languages ​​in order to be on an equal footing with your competition. If the answer is negative, go ahead, because there is a way to differentiate yourself from companies that offer the same services as yours and have some advantage to reach more customers.

Increased confidence and credibility:
Show your customers that you care about them! Multi-language sites show care and appreciation for their audience.
There is a psychological aspect here, since, by having the power to access the page in the Spanish language, for example, the customer feels special for having access to a more personalized service.

Better your exposure on the Internet:
If you translate your site properly, SEO can have a big impact on visibility and ranking in the search ranking, through the use of specific keywords to attract visitors.
In this way, translating your content into Spanish or English, as well as your keywords, will improve your chances of improving your position in search engines, offering even more exposure.

At HUB Ativo, our web design team can transform your site into a multi-language site, whether you want a new site or put that option on a site you already have online. For more information contact us at our contact page or if you prefer, visit the HUB Ativo in Portimão.

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