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5 Motivos para ter um Escritório Virtual

In today’s article we will highlight 5 reasons why you should use a virtual office. If you are thinking about starting your own business this could be the article you are looking for!

One of the factors that prevent many people from undertaking in a professional manner is the high cost of maintaining an office, with an adequate structure to serve clients. After all, giving your business an identity and showing that you are in the job market may not be cheap.

But to make it easier there are virtual offices, a way to abolish the costs of your own physical structure, optimize resources and still maintain professionalism always impeccable for your business. Still not convinced? Let’s get to the reasons:

1- It has everything you need to use

Why maintain an own office where you will spend little time and pay a lot, if you can enjoy the same infrastructure in a cowork space and where you pay a very low monthly fee and still have services that you can enjoy? With the virtual office service you will have a reception service, you can still use our offices, meeting room and printing equipment.

2- No worries of having to be physically present

When you have your own office, you end up worrying about taking phone calls, answering at the reception if a customer arrives or even receiving correspondence. In the virtual office, these will be worries that you won’t have to! You can take care of your tasks and external tasks, that messages will be noted, correspondences received.

3- You can be focused on your business

With its own office, there are maintenance concerns and bills to pay at the end of the month. With the virtual office you will only have to pay your monthly fee. Accounts like water, electricity, internet or maintenance expenses will be bills that you won’t have to worry about paying, so you can focus 100% on your business and your customers.

4- Discounts

A virtual office does not imply that the need to have to be really present in the office. But there may be a meeting, a client or even job interviews that require you to use the office. For these cases you can still use both offices and a meeting room with the advantage of having discounts for using the virtual office service.

5- Professional image

Finally, perhaps the most important reason for using the virtual office.
When you have this service, your business will have a business address (you will not have to use your home address if you work at home), and so your business will transmit a more professional image to your customers, other professionals and even future ones. partnerships you may have.

In a time of crisis due to Covid and where many companies are closing their doors because they are unable to maintain the entire commercial structure, you can stand out with your company without having to bear such high costs.
Are you interested? So we still have an extra reason:
Take advantage of our promotion at HUB Ativo, by joining our virtual office service you will have 10% discount when creating a new website! For more information contact us through our contact page or if you prefer, come and visit the HUB Ativo in Portimão.

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