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4 Motivos para alugar uma sala de reuniões

Increasingly, the demand for meeting rooms for rent has increased, self-employed professionals, entrepreneurs and freelancers realized that they needed a better structure to serve partners and customers. For this reason, they became adept at renting meeting rooms in cowork spaces / business centers.

In today’s article we are going to give you some reasons why you should choose to rent a meeting room.

Not all companies or independent professionals have enough physical space to be able to have their own meeting room. Using public spaces like cafes is not always a professional option and may lack resources. That is why resorting to a cowork space / business center that has a meeting room may be the best option. The rental of meeting rooms is usually practical, without the need to sign a contract. In addition, you can still rent the meeting room for a few hours or days, as needed. The meeting room will have a professional atmosphere and will still be fully prepared with the necessary resources.

Infrastructure and technology:
Another reason to rent a meeting room is to know, that in this space you have TV, multimedia equipment and also access to high speed internet, which will facilitate the necessary interaction in meetings.

Reception support
Renting a meeting room will allow you to have someone to receive your customers, this already makes a good impression. Your client will be comfortable while waiting for the meeting time.

Low cost:
When companies do not have a space to gather to have financial conversations or other activities to talk to their employees or customers, it ends up being a discomfort for both the company and the employees / customers. In addition, prices for furniture, resources and equipment may be one more expense that you may incur that may be high, as they may not yet be used as often. When renting a meeting room, in addition to the prices not being high, you will only have the cost of renting, furniture costs, resources among others will be costs that you will not have to worry about.

At HUB Ativo, our meeting room can be used both by our members of the space and for occasional visitors. The meeting room is equipped to offer all the comfort and functionality that meetings need, you can use our room paying by the hour or if you prefer using any of our hour packages. Come and see our meeting room and other services that we have at your disposal. Come visit us the HUB Ativo is located in Portimão or if you prefer, contact us through our contact page.

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