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10 motivos para ter um Website

We have often talked here about the importance that websites can have for a business.
Be it an institutional website or an online store, a website makes the whole business more real and reliable.

In today’s article we will reinforce why you should invest in a website for your business, let’s do this.

Your business is open 24/7 every day of the year
With a website your business can always be available for anyone to visit. While a physical space / store can hardly be open 24 hours a day, with a website you will not have this problem, your business can be visited whether on holidays, weekends or even holiday season. This way you can always be attracting new customers or selling products.

Features a professional image
With the new functions of some social networks it is already possible to create business pages for free. But this way too many people will be able to do it, whether or not they have a business, this way it may become possible that it is not always a real or reliable business. With a website or online store, it is the best way to build trust and credibility for your business. A website gives a more professional look to your company / business, it may have pages dedicated to certain information, easier navigation among many other advantages.

Catalog or portfolio changed at any time
Whether you have a website that is a portfolio, an online store etc … It is much easier, faster and cheaper to make changes to a website than to cards, flyers, documents. You can still make these changes / add information at any time with just a few clicks.

Reach new customers and markets
With a website, your business has the potential to be seen by millions around the world. This way you can reach a much larger target audience and in this way increase your range of customers or even partnerships.

Greater Visibility
As stated in the point above, with a well-prepared website, it can reach many people. With the keywords entered by your website, it can appear in the searches of possible customers looking for your services on the internet.

Sales Growth
If your business consists of selling products / services, having a well-prepared website for that, you may have an increase in sales. With a website you can have detailed descriptions of your products / services, prices and even how customers buy or make reservations.

Creates a relationship with your customers
For new customers it is always important that the website gives them credibility and trust. Already old customers it is important to keep them. In this way a website with marketing can be a great help. Maintaining a service channel and constant relationship with your audience allows you to educate them about the product or service you offer, in addition to that with the help of forms you can collect information from customers that may be important to get to know them better and in this way send newsletters depending on what they are looking for or are most interested in.

Think of a big, famous company that does NOT have a website. Got? Probably not.
This is precisely because having a website is one of the most important points to strengthen your online presence and create authority in your business market.
In this way, this may be the step that is missing for you to have authority in your niche too.

FAQS = Save more time
Unlike on social media, it is necessary to take some of your time to be able to answer questions that your customers ask. This way, sometimes you can even lose several hours of productivity at the end of the day …
Within your website, you may have the possibility to create an exclusive space for the most frequently asked questions you receive, the famous FAQ.
This space can be the help you need to serve all your customers, with a brief analysis you can understand what the most frequently asked questions your customers ask, and thus create a space where you have all the answers to these frequently asked questions, save the your time and that of your customers.

A website that is the face of your business
In social networks, the customization of the design / layout for creating a page for your business is almost nil. With a website, every design is personalized so that in addition to giving a professional image, it is still a design that has to do with your business and that is familiar to your customers. But we do not say that you should put social networks aside, on the contrary, social networks and a website are great allies to attract customers and make your business known, so always play with both sides.

At HUB Ativo our web design team is prepared to help you create a website, be it an institutional website or an online store, we will create your website completely customized to your taste, with all the functions you want and prepared for challenges of the world of websites on the internet. For more information contact us through our contact page, or if you prefer, come and visit the Active HUB in Portimão and get to know this and other services we have.

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